Who is Resinflame DecoArt?

Who is Resinflame DecoArt?

                           MY STORY, MY PASSION

My name is Laura and I’m Italian. Even as a child I loved expressing myself with drawing, I was fascinated by colors. I had a painter professor in middle school who passed on to me the passion for this art and taught me to “play” with all the means I could have available to get something artistic, unique, that was inside me and my dreams.

Life then led me in other directions, but I have always cultivated the hobby of painting, with pencils, tempera and oil.

Then at a certain point in my life I asked myself: why not realize the dream of conveying that part of me that had been relegated to the corner of free time, of intimate world?

With all the enthusiasm of a young girl (and I was no longer a young girl ) I began to study the painting techniques, both on books and on internet, passing from oil to acrylics, to textural paintings and arriving at epoxy resin.

A “dirty” work, sticky, difficult, where the material seems to have a will of itself that you want to bend to your wishes.

But the result you get is a very glossy vitrified layer: a magnificent effect! The other elements that enrich it create an absolutely unique art, semi-precious stones, glass, glitter, wood, leaves and so on: new, different and outstanding results are obtained.

My art is abstract, but bears the emotion of the beauty of nature, through the representation of geodes, flowers, the starry universe, beaches and the sea.

I always aim at beauty through the juxtaposition of different colors and materials, through the study of combinations, complementarities, nuances and contrasts.

Making art immerses me in the beauty of the world, and this is the beauty that I would like to convey to all those who look at my painting.

Beauty is not an end in itself to me, but refers to something beyond, to absolute beauty, which is the spiritual one.

Making art is a beautiful experience: immerse yourself too in this world of colors and lights and I am sure that you too will fall in love with what made me young again!